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Google Is Planning To Toll Out Driverless Cars In Five Years

January 21st, 2015   |   No Comments »


We are now the era of IoT meaning internet of things where things are inter-connected to each other with internet connection and sync together. This is the future of smart home and smart cars after we are used to smart phones. So basically we humans are now bored of the idea of smart phones and going to try new things. In this CES we have seen smart cars idea with iOS and Android as their operating software.

Google engineering department is testing and hoping to bring out self-driven car on roads in the matter of 2 to 5 years. This is like just around the corner and will past by in just a flick of sec. For this concerning purpose Google is also in talks with big auto makers to make this a possible reality. Those big names include Volkswagen, Toyota, Ford, General motors and few more. The direct of these self-driven cars thinks it will be stupid not to involve these big names as they want the production completed by 2020 and with joining hands with any of these is going to be a clear win win situation.

Google will start testing these prototype vehicles this spring in California where they have got permit for testing. The primary state of test will include the responsiveness of these cars with humans, other cars and sign boards. They are going to put sensors for reading road signs plus these vehicles will be driving wheel and peddles free. Google has already unveiled a real built driver less car but reshaping would be required as a future car, on other hand Google is a little concerned about price too as they want it to be affordable and easy in reach for everyone.

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