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Google Glass Couldn’t Handle The “Pressure”

February 9th, 2015   |   No Comments »


What happen to Google glass is quite suppressing and sad both at the same time, after much raved about the product and finally it was launched it hardly stayed for days and were taken back from the racks, why was that? Didn’t Google have the response they were expecting or it just didn’t grab much attention from the customers? The search engine wearable leaves the secret lab only to hit shelves and was taken back, being overly priced and just a prototype this is actually not exciting at all.

The reason of failures are many but few of them which I assume are the high lights, first of all its was just a prototype, why on earth do you think somebody would buy thousand dollar prototype years before the actual glass arrives, Google and celebrities try to make the arrival of Glass a deal, when it wasn’t, the team knew that it’s way too early to introduce this wearable, when it required years for actual product. May be the public or audience was not ready for this sort of technology at just now, this is something what would be a great gadget in just few years and note this statement that we would be going crazy after Glass in years to come.

Google’s developers are responsible for creating some out there technologies, from self-driven cars with Android acting as an operating system, to glucometer contact lens and now glass, they truly want to make a mark but they should be care full about the timing to launch these before time tech gadgets.

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