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Google Glass Couldn’t Handle The “Pressure”

What happen to Google glass is quite suppressing and sad both at the same time, after much raved about the product and finally it was launched it hardly stayed for days and were taken back from the racks, why was that? Didn’t Google have the response they were expecting or it just didn’t grab much […]

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Google Is Planning To Toll Out Driverless Cars In Five Years

We are now the era of IoT meaning internet of things where things are inter-connected to each other with internet connection and sync together. This is the future of smart home and smart cars after we are used to smart phones. So basically we humans are now bored of the idea of smart phones and […]

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Rumor Has It: Microsoft Introducing New Browser

We were sort of eager to hear this news or may-be I was at the very least, or even if not eager but we were expecting some of the gigantic changes in Microsoft new windows namely windows 10. So according to sources micro soft is rumored to be in the process of making a new […]

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Instagram hits 300 million users in just four years

Instagram was released in 2010 as a dream of two friends and how fast it grows is remarkable. One of the most used apps on iPhone and android after Facebook and Whats App is Instagram now even beating twitter in the race. As new stats shows that twitter which have about 248 million users according […]

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Mistakes developers make in the process of development

So, every ones job is hectic in its own way and developers face many problems which are obviously the nature of job. But some of the problems can be handled by their own efficiency if they try to work smartly. Some of the problems are as follows. Too high expectations: If you want to end […]

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